Fresh Beauty Co.

Founded in 2004, we passionately connected with customers in Australia and globally by curating hard-to-find beauty treasures from emerging international brands. Word soon spread fast, and today we are the ultimate curator of over 900+ of the most in-demand and innovative global beauty brands.

Fresh Beauty Co. is the ultimate go-to marketplace destination for worldwide beauty, cosmetics, skincare, make up, body and fragrances discovery. Curated global brands, exceptional products from all over the world delivered directly to your door.

Our Beauty Timeline:

Fresh™ Fragrances & Cosmetics launched in Australia in 2004

Fresh™ Fragrances & Cosmetics launched in New Zealand in 2008

Fragrances & Cosmetics Co. launched in the USA in 2009

MR FRESH launched globally in 2010

The Beauty Club launched globally in 2012

Fresh Beauty Co. becomes the world's first curated beauty dedicated marketplace & launches globally in 2021